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Kylie, Nurse Top of page
Kylie, Nurse I injured my back while making a patient’s bed and spent 9 months at home in agony. I saw a chiropractor, had physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, massages, nothing helped.

I was told I would never go back to nursing so I was depressed, had put on a lot of weight, was in pain and feeling very alone before I was referred to Work Ready.

Starting my programme at Work Ready changed my whole life. My pain started getting less intrusive, I realised there was a life after injury, the fat started floating away and I got stronger both in body and mind. Now I am mostly without pain and I have learnt how to prevent it.

I feel confident at Work Ready, the atmosphere is conducive to wellbeing - warm and friendly and at the same time stimulating. I feel motivated. I am learning to look after my back and understand my limitations.

After 2 months, I went back to work on alternate duties.


Margaret, Tablehand Top of page
Margaret, Tablehand When the 6 foot high shelving full of boxes of paper fell on me, I thought that was the end. Luckily, I survived but even after 8 months, I was left with constant burning pain between my shoulder blades often shooting around to the front of my chest. I also had a nagging pain in my neck and shoulder which would often get piercingly sharp. The pain got worse as I worked, by the end of my work day, I was hopeless.

My rehab provider sent me to Work Ready and I haven’t looked back. My pain is getting less severe and comes less often and I am getting fitter. After 2 weeks, I was able to use my whipper snipper again, I can now do more things at home and at work.

I really like the atmosphere at Work Ready. I am too old and scared to go to a gym and here I can talk to people who are in the same boat. Talking helps. We can share ideas on how to cope too.


Cameron, University Student Top of page
Cameron, University Student I was knocked off my bicycle when I was 16 and suffered multiple injuries. I spent months in hospital waiting for all my bones to heal. My badly broken leg broke again when they took the traction off.

I ended up with a lot of back pain, stiffness and very sore legs which was still bothering me 3 years later. It has made it very difficult for me to concentrate on my studies or to sit for any length of time. I was thinking of giving up my studies, it was all too much to handle. My body is very sensitive to touch where the damage occurred.

My physiotherapist helped me a lot but she said it was time I went to Work Ready. I started there three weeks ago and already, I feel better. I am more flexible, I am getting stronger, I can concentrate more and I am learning to adjust to my disabilities. A lot of the sensitivity over the wounds has gone.

If I keep going at this rate, I think I will be able to do a lot of the things I did before my accident and keep up my Uni studies. I really like going to Work Ready, there is a great bunch of people there and they all motivate me to work. The equipment is user friendly and I can see all exercises have a special purpose. I feel more motivated when I know why I am doing a particular exercise. Anna and I work together to increase the intensity so there are no arguments!!


Marcus, Head mechanist Top of page
Marcus, Head mechanist Since coming to Work Ready, I have built up my strength and stability around my back. I can really notice the difference now. Being able to stabilise my back has made a big difference to the pain level, now I brace automatically whenever I do anything.

When I first came, my posture was terrible so getting that right was the main goal in the beginning. I am so well trained now, I can’t slump down without feeling uncomfortable!

It was good to know I could build up strength and work quite hard without damaging my back. It was also good to learn more about how easily one can damage their back and how easily it can be avoided, but old habits die hard!

We are planning to be more proactive at work now and try and avoid the stresses we place on our own backs. Hopefully, as a result of what I have learnt, others can avoid what I’ve been through.


Lorraine, Assistant in nursing Top of page
Lorraine, Assistant in nursing
My physiotherapist sent me to Work Ready when she felt I needed to go beyond hands on physio. After suffering with pain for so long, it was a really good feeling to be able to work pain free again after doing the exercises at Work Ready.

I was working at upgrading my hours and duties and just as I was nearly getting back to normal, the lift broke down at work and I reinjured myself lugging the laundry bags down the stairs from the 2nd floor.

I am working my way back up again now but I was recently terminated which was devastating to me. I fell apart, but Anna helped me think straighter, though and referred me to a counsellor who deals a lot with this sort of problem.

I am still angry about the situation but I can manage and am thinking positively. I hope to retrain for another job soon.


Mouran, Cabinet maker Top of page
Mouran, Cabinet maker
I had a severely disrupted spine from years of back pain. I had chiropractic treatment which helped relieve the pain at the time but the doctor said I had been getting mechanically worse. One day, after a really heavy month just before Christmas, I collapsed in pain and couldn’t get up again. It was so bad I had to have an urgent operation - I wasn’t keen so I checked it out with three different specialists and they all agreed with this.

After the operation, I was totally pain free but I was too scared to move in case my back "broke" again so I just sat at home and watched television for 16 months. The only exercise I got was pressing the remote control button. I wouldn’t even lie on my stomach in case my back broke. My wife and mother in law did everything for me. I wouldn’t go out to the shopping centres or anywhere where there were a few people, in case someone would bump me. My rehabilitation provider was a bit shocked, I think, when she first saw me and immediately sent me to Work Ready.

After 6 weeks at Work Ready I am fit, strong and mobile and I’m planning to go to my home country for a few months holiday. My wife has packed 5 bags for us! I am really lazy when it comes to formal exercise although I played soccer and skied a lot before the accident, but Work Ready staff & the others there with injuries kept me interested & motivated and I went every day & worked for 3-4 hours. It was good.

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