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What motivates a client to come to Work Ready daily, to exercise? How do you avoid dropouts? There are many facets to this complex problem of motivation in work injuries.

Research has shown that some factors associated with dropout rates in exercise programmes are related to convenience, family support and the venue.

Work Ready addressed all these factors when establishing the Centre.
Work Ready is conveniently located with ample parking, a 5 minute walk to the railway station or buses from the city stopping right by the door. Clients find it easy to travel from the east, west, south or north

Partners are always welcome to come and support the client if desired and even exercise with them if appropriate.

The Centre is aesthetically pleasing, creating a "warm", inviting atmosphere, with specially selected, user friendly equipment designed specifically to address the problems of chronic musculoskeletal injury.

Much of the equipment is not available in commercial gymnasiums but is essential to the physiotherapist in designing programmes to suitably address the pathology or deficits of the client’s problem.

Modern facilities

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