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Complete Physical Conditioning Programme
Full functional and musculoskeletal assessment, discussion with client, programme prescription
Initial written report
Professionally designed and supervised programme relating to current and future work  activities
Pre-conditioning exercise
Physiotherapist supervised physical conditioning exercise programme, unlimited attendances  at Work Ready minimum 2 hours per session, minimum 3 sessions per week for 6 weeks
Aerobic exercise classes if applicable
Specific physiotherapy treatment if necessary during programme
Progress report
Unlimited "hotline" telephone advice for the employee and the employer
Comprehensive back care education programme including handouts
Worksite visit if necessary


Action Assessment
When you are not sure whether your client is suitable for a work conditioning programme or to what extent he/she would benefit from it, choose an Action Assessment.
Full functional and musculoskeletal assessment
Written report and recommendations


Offsite Complete Physical Conditioning Programme
Physical conditioning programme designed for client to use in commercial gymnasium


Fat loss and fitness programme
6 week programme
Assessment and monitoring
Design of exercise and unlimited use of the gymnasium
Basic dietary advice


Exercise programme for newly diagnosed Parkinson’s
6 week programme
Supervised once a week


Customised programmes designed as required

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