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A sports medicine approach
to work related injuries
- simple concept with
remarkable results!


What is Work Ready?


Work Ready Industrial Athlete Centre is a first for Sydney. A purpose designed Centre, combining a gym-like atmosphere with the support of health professionals in a co-ordinated, "demedicalised" approach.

Like athletes, employees need a high level of fitness to perform well, to reduce the risk of re-injury and be able to work under time pressure and competition.

Their needs are similar whether they are:

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) swinging a tennis racquet or a sledge hammer

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) playing a piano or a computer keyboard

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) lifting weights in competition or in the workplace.


Work Ready manages a wide range of occupations from process workers to professors. Incorporated are key elements to ensure success:

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Initial comprehensive assessment identifies programme goals and time frames.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Objective assessment measures allow easy identification of improvement achieved.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Consultation and liaison with all relevant parties.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Regular, comprehensive reports keep you informed of the client’s progress,

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) A complete service provides return to work plans, work place and work task assessment as required.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Maintenance programmes designed to fit with client’s work and life-style



bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Goal oriented, job specific.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Health professional with a true understanding of injury and pathology, human movement, biomechanics and level at which client should work.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Ability to give appropriate and accurate advice.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Taking rehabilitation out of the "medical/sick mould’.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Dedicated monitoring of client’s activity and progress.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Centre available whenever client wishes to use it above the minimum requirement

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) State-of-the-art equipment specially selected to achieve the highest goals with ease



bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Long term absentees more likely to return to work.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Physical conditioning eliminates or reduces recurrence of problem.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Functional approach ensures training is suitable for day to day activities at work and home.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) "One stop" shop for management of work or sport related injuries and return to work.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Client contracting and prescription programme ensures success.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) No fear of competing against or being intimidated by "gym-jocks" in commercial gymnasiums.

bullet1.gif (911 bytes) Develops a sense for taking responsibility for the management of their own health care.

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